Possible elbow tendonitis solution?

  1. Unhappy Possible elbow tendonitis solution?

    Recently I heard of a new way to treat tendonitis. I'm not sure how effective it is or who has had this type of treatment but wanted to throw it out there to see if anyone here has heard or has had the treatment done.

    Basically the DR draws your own blood. Then they separate the platelets from your blood and re-inject the platelets into the tendon itself.

    Anyone hear of this?

    It makes sense because there is very little to no blood flow to a tendon correct? So injecting your blood directly into the troubled area would seem like a logical solution thus healing faster. Just my guess.

    I would love to give it a try if its valid. I have had Tendonitis for 2 years on both elbows...


  2. Wow! Very nice. I'm going to push to get this done.

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