Is this Split stream urination?

  1. Is this Split stream urination?

    I had accident when jelqing my penis the wrong way 5 years ago and have tons of issues since the day. ED, varicocele, split stream and all those problems. When I urinate, it comes from one hole. However, if I look very closely when I urinate, I see 2 streams coming out from the hole. They also cross each other making like a letter V. After they cross each other and make that V, the 2 streams of urine would go straight in the same direction.

    I had they cystoscopy done already and my urologist tells me he did not see anything under the telescope that should cause this. I was told it is fixable using a scalpel and the procedure is easy to fix but since my urologist saw nothing, he tells me he cannot do anything.

    Is the description I just gave split stream urination?

  2. Dude I am sorry but your one weird cat, I can't believe you keep posting this crap. I call it crap because you say the same thing over and over and it's so descritive that I swear you are getting off just typing it.

  3. Reason why i ask this is b/c another forum on a forum tells me he had this problem too and did not call it split stream. He later had an injury falling off a horse and had ED problems after that and also have split stream.

    He told me what i had was also what he had before his accident.

    sw bill, if you had any of my problems you would not be saying anything okay?

  4. I get "split stream" urination the morning after a romp in the sack. One stream usually hits the toilet, the other usually the side of the bathtub, the wall, anywhere BUT the toilet. It lines out after a few seconds, but leaves a little bit of cleanup.

  5. shakesallday. I know what you mean. Usually i had that problem too before my injury but its very rare. Usually its in the morning as well but that is not my kind of problem now. I wished that was my problem.

    However, Has anyone heard of my case though? It has split stream and make like a letter v when they cross each other but still goes in the same direction.

  6. Man, not to be a ****, but I'm sure by now everybody had heard of your problem. And, just my opinion, u need professional help, which you're not going to find here.

  7. I just want to know if this is actual split stream.


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