Venous leak Embolization?

  1. Venous leak Embolization?

    Has anyone heard of this procedure before. A member on a forum tells me he had venous leak a while ago and had this procedure done. Does anyone know much about the venous leak embolization method? He tells me he did this procedure a few years ago and things got better for him.

  2. anyone?

  3. anyone can give some insight please?

  4. either you aren't stating the problem correctly or the correct name of the procedure.

    If you are talking about Varicocele embolization, then yes, it is safe and CAN be effective. Depending upon the MD who is doing it and your particular extent of problem. Typically it is an Interventional Radiology procedure in which the draining veins of the testicles are embolized with coils, (little thin metal wires shaped like tornados or balls or some other 3D shape. These are advanced through a catheter and placed into the vein, basically 'blocking' bloodflow. Depending upon the actual problem, this might require several coils or possibly just one, in the left gonadal vein. (Typically drains to the left Renal Vein and valves can become incompetant, thereby allowing for backflow through a long column of blood.

    It is a safe and appropriate procedure in the appropriate person and in skillful hands.

  5. I had varicocele surgery 2 months ago. It was not the embolization method. It was the microsurgery method.

    What i am talking about is venous leak which is related to E.D and i have it as shown on my medical report. There is this person who i talked to online who said he had venous leak and his doctor did venous leak embolization for him. However, i have not been able to get in touch with him online anymore. I wanted to know if anyone heard of this.

  6. anyone know about this method?


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