Where do pharmacists get test powder ( not asking for source)?

  1. Where do pharmacists get test powder ( not asking for source)?


    As their our many compounding pharmacies and drug companies that make testosterone, where do they get the test. powder? Do any of the pharmacies make the powder just for themselves? Do any of them get thier test. powder from china? Is there a US company that makes test powder? I am not asking for a source at all, but kinda just wondering how these small compounding pharmacies actualy make testosterone. I know test powder is cheap, but the equipiment used to make it is expensive. I am also wondering if there are any regulations in place for the pharmacies. How can a consumer of TRT be sure these small pharmacies actualy know what they are doing. Thanks

  2. Several companies supply compounding chemicals. The most reputable are PCCA, Spectrum, Mecisca, Letco and Gallipot. Probably leaving someone out. Pharmacies don't actually make the Testosterone powder. Many of our chemicals do come from China, and the chemical companies test them for purity, potency, etc before selling them (at least the reputable ones do). As far as checking out the pharmacies, one way is to find out if they are a member of IACP (International Association of Compounding Pharmacies). Just about any compounding pharmacy worth anything will be a member of IACP because they support our profession so well. If they are PCAB accredited that is a great sign they are top notch, but not every compounder believes in that process so don't let it bother you if they are not. There are regulations in place, but any pharmacy is allowed to compound without any special liscense.

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