my endo on estrogen levels

  1. my endo on estrogen levels

    My endo told me that through hes experience and years in practice, he discovered that the healthiest estrogen for men is 0.5 - 2.2 , this guy got me really confused, how much truth is there to this? he also said if men could have 0 estrodial that would be ideal but since thats impossible 0.5 - 2.2 is best estrodial for men, i asked him several times again to make sure i didnt misunderstood what he was telling me, does he know what hes saying?

  2. What scale is he using? Zero E2 for a man would not be good, and is a stupid thing for a doc to suggest. We need some to help keep strong bones and good HDL level, among other things.

  3. I would disregard what he said, 0 for a guy is bad.

  4. what does E2 stand for? he was saying it for estradiol

  5. E2 is the abbreviation for estradiol, its the 2nd of 3 estrogens and the most potent.

  6. When E2 is too low, it causes "clicky" joints, makes it more difficult to build muscle, and causes far worse ED than when it is too high. Not only doesn't this guy know what he's talking about, he's dangerous.

  7. Most if not all Endo's are not up on male Hormones all they are good for is sugar problems. Men can't live with out E2 or for that matter Estrogen's.
    But to much is not good and to low is worse.


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