TSH & Weight Gain

  1. TSH & Weight Gain

    I have been diagnosed as hypothyroid. I have been on a T3 & T4 meds for some time now. I also have adrenal issues and low test. I have noticed something with my bloodwork that I get every 6 weeks. My TSH typically is between 4 and 10. If my TSH goes below 5, I am able to lose weight with diet and exersice. If my TSH is over 5, it makes no difference what I do, I gain weight. Has anyone ever seen this before? Any explaination?

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    You can't be unable to lose weight from that, it just means you're doing it wrong. I take levothyroxine and I could still lose weight without it, just not as quickly. If your doctor's numbers are on the same scale as mine, a TSH over 5 is considered "high", but there wouldn't be a hard and fast cutoff like that.

    You can't just gain weight "no matter what you do," it's not POSSIBLE. Yes, it will be harder to get lean for you than most people if you are not properly medicated, but it's still possible.

    I know it's not what you want to hear, but check out the diet forum and try a few of the reasonable long term set ups, none of those quick cutting diets or anything.

  3. Most euthyroid people have a TSH below 2.0. Ask your doc about titrating your dosage of medication to get your TSH at a better level. There's no excuse for any doc letting it get above 5.

  4. I have been on the anabolic diet for six months. I have maintained and couted calories the whole tme. I lost weight when my TSH was within the range stated. As soon as it went over, weight loss stagnates and soon I gain weight at the same caloric intake as before. There is no reasonable explaination for this. I have directly correlated this to my TSH. Maybe that is showing that my body is actually recognizing the T3 I am putting in it. I agree that I need more T3. My doc is hesitant about giving me more. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them?

  5. Try to get your total and free T3 tested, then if low, tell your doc to put his brain in gear and get you fixed up.

  6. I get my free T3 tested every six weeks. The number come out like this:
    11/25/09 FT3 3.6 ref 2.0-4.4 TSH 6.64 REF .45-4.5
    10/12/09 FT3 3.2 TSH 5.75
    9/10/09 FT3 2.9 TSH 6.44
    8/04/09 3.0 TSH 9.25

    Do I need to get total T3 tested?

  7. I'd get your total T3 tested, as well as total and free T4. Also knowing your Reverse T3 may help learn how to better treat you.

    It could be that you have high RT3, which is occupying your T3 receptors. This would keep your FT3 in range, although total T3 could be low. With mostly RT3 in your cell's receptors, you'll feel cruddy.

    Get your serum zinc, selenium, and 25-hydroxy vitamin D3 tested. Elevated RT3 can be caused when they are low.

  8. I do have high RT3.

    11/25/09 T4 5.8 ref 4.5-12 RT3 244 REF 90-350
    10/12/09 T4 7.2 RT3 264
    9/10/09 T4 6.3 RT3 249
    8/04/09 T4 7.4 RT3 296

    I will be getting the zinc, selenium, and vit d tested next week. I will post when I recieve them.

  9. So I received my lab work back today. I had my cholesterol tested because I have been on the anabolic diet for about 6 months now and was wondering about it.
    Cholesterol 207 ref 100-199 High
    Triglycerides 83 ref 0-149
    HDL 80 ref >39
    VLDL 17 ref 5-40
    LDL 110 ref 0-99 High

    Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy 22.4 ref 32-100 LOW
    Zinc, Plasma 109 ref 70-150
    Ferritin, serum 211 ref 22-322
    Selenium, serum 160 ref 79-326


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