Weird blood test results

  1. Weird blood test results

    I've been on 250mg of enanthate a week for months.........I took a shot on a monday night, and got blood work done Thursday morning.
    My results where,
    Testosterone Total 432 Ref 250-1100
    Testosterone free 111 Ref 35 - 155
    % free Testosterone 2.57 Ref 1.5 - 2.2
    Estradiol 38 Ref 13-54

    From what I understand, 200mg a week yields test levels of about 800, and 250 mg a week yields about 1000.

    So why is mine only 432? yet free test is normal?

    Before this I was getting prop 100mg twice a week from a compounding pharmacy and my blood tests where again the same as before I took it. Its like I'm not even taking anything. The enanthate is generic through Curascript.

    I'm wondering if there is something going on such that my body is metabolizing the test super fast? The weird thing is, before I got stuff from the Dr., when I would do a cycle, I didn't gain weight instantly like I did when I was younger. I'm 35 and have done my share of AAS for almost 20 years now. I feel like I'm immune to testosterone now.

  2. Wow.. looks like mine. Taking the same amount (cyp though) and my T was 440 or so, E was higher at 52 (wasn't taking an AI, I am now!). Also taking 500ic HCG 2x a week.

    The only negative thing was HG and HC were high. So who knows. I do know monday I took a shot, had a terrible workout, then tuesday I was able to get in 2 treadmill sessions since I had SO MUCH energy (it's the best I've felt in YEARS!) and now today I'm tired again.

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