Lyme Disease......drs missed it

  1. Lyme Disease......drs missed it

    Like many of us I have felt lousy for 20 years or so. I have been tested 4 times for it and been told I was fine.

    I finally have a decent Dr, who insurance does not pay for, he did the Igenex igG and IgM tests and they determined I have had it all along Welcome to IGeneX, Inc.

    The last Dr I saw before my real Dr said it would cost $450 for a visit, he charged me a total of $1300 and said my lyme was negative and a thyroid T3 count of 1.2; range 1-5 was "normal". He was an endo but most probably assumed that.

    I cant wait to see how some here excuse this...the excuses will be entertaining.

  2. That is great to finally get an answer. So what is the next step to treat it? Do you recall being bitten by a tick?

  3. yes its very good to finally know and it is supposedly very treatable with antibiotics I believe doxycillin....and of course I will be taking probiotics.

    yes I grew up on the end of a dirt road and probably have had 15-20 tick bites.

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