Clomid for long term?

  1. Clomid for long term?

    i need help findind studies that state that clomid cant be used for longterm treatment for secondary hypogonadism. My dr has had me on clomid for 1 1/2 years at a dosage of 25mg eod. I'm trying to convince him to start me on HCG but he told me no for some reason. so If you guys have any studies that i can print out and show him about HCG vs Clomid for longterm treatment for secondary hypogonadism i would very thankful for it.

  2. no studies but:

    does it work for you the clomid?
    you have no sides?

    if not i would stick with it, unless of course a study shows it's highly toxic or whatever

  3. Clomid can cause permanent blurry vision in some men, especially when exposed to bright light while taking it. It ain't worth the risk to me.

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