How long would it take to restart after TRT?

  1. How long would it take to restart after TRT?

    I've had no luck with TRT despite seeing some of the top docs recommended in these communities. Honestly, I felt better before starting it.

    If I've been on T for about 10 months, how long do you think it would take my body to restart naturally if I stopped? I've been on hCG throughout it all so my testes are still responsive.

    I've read anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months...any references?

  2. If there were grounds for giving you trt , the natural levels will be nowhere near the level reached after test injection or gel. Talk to your doctor , im sure theres a solution .
    Think very carefully about what you are giving up and research as to why testosterone is so important to the aging male.

  3. I am sorry to have to tell you this but in all the 27 yrs I have been on TRT and the first 23 yrs I never felt 100% it was because Dr.'s never tried to find out why I was low to start with. They just told me I am Primary and put me on TRT.

    I have seen 7 Endo's in them yrs and been taken off TRT for what they call a base line set of labs. Every time I crashed big time I went down even lower then my first set of labs. Five yrs ago I found out I am not Primary but I am Secondary I am Hypopituitary my brain dose not tell my body to make all my hormones and as I get older there levels go lower.

    It was when I started to treat my other hormones over and above Testosterone that I started to feel better. I now treat my low Cortisol levels with 30 mgs a day of Cortef, I now treat my low Thyroid with 4 grains of Armour and from this my Ferritin or Iron levels are to low so I take iron pills.
    I now treat my low Growth Hormones with Humatrope .3 mgs a day and my low Aldosterone levels with .1 mgs of Florinef. And to keep my Estradiol levels down I take .25mgs of Arimidex every 2 to 3 days.

    In all the yrs. I have been helping men with low T I only know of one guy that stopped TRT and got his levels back up. He has a big problem with high Estradiol and his new Dr. took him off Andorgel after being on this 4 yrs and not doing well and put him on Arimidex to get his Estradiol levels down. Doing this his brain kicked in and started sending a lot of LH and FSH to his testis and his levels came back up.

    I have told this to a lot of men and they tried it and it did not work for them they crashed. I don't know of any man on TRT for a time that could stop and go back to making enough T to feel good.

    Here is how I found out I am Secondary I went on HCG doing 500 IU's 3x's a week over and above my 150 mg T shots a week. After the 15th. shot of HCG we did labs and my labs doubled I went form 600 to 1200.

    Your can also do an ACTH Stim. test to see if your pituitay is not working right.

    Or go on Clomid stopping TRT to see if your Testis jump in you can read about it in this link.

    Other wise forget about it you will crash and feel dam bad and doing this it took me longer to get my levels back up.

  4. although its an echo of above, if you were put on TRT because your test was low, what good will a "restart" do but put you to where you were before? And though you say you feel worse now, I can't imagine you felt good then if you pursued TRT.

    What has your treatment been?

  5. Were all assuming that this guy can afford a handfull of medications, or even whants to go that rout. We need mroe information.

  6. Sounds like he's not happy with TRT. There are other docs and other protocols out there that he might feel better being treated with, but some people just don't want to bother. They're happy with things "as is". It does take some effort to educate oneself, and a bit of aptitude for learning sometimes complex medical material is not in everyone.

  7. and 10 months isn't that long either, most doctors want 6-8 weeks minimal between changes before bothering to test, and then takes another week or two for results, make a change, etc

  8. All of us fitness guys go aroung assuming "Who wouldn't whant more testosterone?" Maby this guy just didn't like that feling though. Makes you think.


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