Acne and estrogen?

  1. Acne and estrogen?

    Hey all. Just got some labs done over that past couple of weeks.

    Have been taking 200mg Test c a week. 100mg Sun morning, and Wed. evening.

    Drew blood Sunday morning before shot and also did a saliva panel as well.

    I dont have the blood test results in front of me but total test was just under 1100 and free test was 47 with a range of 7.8 to 54 or 56 I believe. Doc thought that was alright since I felt good and performed well. Problem was acne so we did the saliva test along with it.

    Here is the results: from Diagnos-Techs
    DHEA: 7 (3-10 ng/ml)
    Progesterone: 50 (5-95 pg/ml)
    Androstenedione 915 (151-350 pg/ml)
    Testosterone: >200 (60-110pg/ml)
    DHT: >125 (no range given, but for 30-39 yrs old it says 22-72)
    Estrone: >100 (30-58 pg/ml)

    Now I know it isnt E2, but Andro, DHT, Test, and Estrone are all WAY high!

    I am dropping back to 150mg per week. My concern is the estrone. He said he can't write me a script for a-dex as it is hard to get a script for a male. Maybe dropping the test c down will help? It just seems that it might help, but not that much!

    Also I am will no longer have very good health insurance after the 1st of the year. (just bare bones as I am on my own)

    I would like to get in on hcg and some a-dex.

    Any thoughts on this. I could always go with research a-dex??

    (also, I did see a very well known TRT specialist in jan-june 08...only to have the worst service ever) Just did it myself instead......

  2. Should note that acne on back and shoulders is severe. Really not any on face at all. It pisses me off because my skin looks like **** when all these other dudes at the gym are juicing hardcore and don't have nearly as bad of skin as I do!

  3. Can you get some acutane?

  4. Is your E2 level high? if not I dont think Adex is neccesary.
    Ignore estrone level, its better to have estrone high and E2 normal, rather than estrone normal and E2 low.

    I think what your doctor meant was its hard to get it under health care for a male, infact I dont think its even possible, but he should still be able to write you a script, stuff doctors cant write scripts for are usually stuff like amphetamines.

    I wouldnt go straight to accutane, that stuff is pretty harsh, I would look at other ways to control it like an anti pimple bodywash, maybe some natural supps.

  5. Of course acutane as a final solution, but it works well. And im sure he could get a scrip from a dermatologist or buy it online... Acne body wash has usually cleared up my skin for a while, then it gets worst...

  6. If your acne is severe, I would definitely opt for accutane or else you will end up with continually worse acne and really bad scaring that won't go away without treatment (bleaching cream, dermabrasion, etc).

    Look into regimen as well. Look into balancing your levels, take shots more often, break up the dose. Balance your DHT and your e2.

    If you can't get a script for a-dex, get the research type and start low on it. Prescripted arimidex is crazy expensive anyhow. It is the most expensive part of my TRT since I need 0.5mg everyday.

  7. Thanks for the ideas guys. I thought about just getting the research adex. In fact, my friend offered me his.

    It will probably be the best route as I go to bare bones health insurance starting in January.

    Gutterpump, are you using HCG?

  8. Wow.. I take about the same test as you and 500ius HCG 2x a week and my test was in the 400s. My E2 was high and I did have mild bacne so I started anastrozole. IT's helping the bacne and probably also raising my T levels, but not enough that I notice yet.

  9. **** what does sumone that has had sever bacne and acne on chest shoulders and arms? yeah in the past as a teen the accutane werked but the cost both monetary and health wise, they had me going for blood tests every week and mostly to monitor my liver if i remember correctly. did notice clearing when i run superdrol which wuz a lil wierd, anyone care to elaborate on that?


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