T-Gel Compounded Script

  1. T-Gel Compounded Script

    My dad needs TRT, and the doc is giving him one 200mg T-cyp shot once a month.

    I want him to go with gel instead every day to keep his levels more even, since he doesn't want the hassle of getting shots more often at the doc, and he won't self-inject.

    He may need something equivalent to 10gm Androgel each day, but that stuff is expensive.

    I need to see a sample script for compounding (alcohol-based) that will give him this much testosterone with only one gram applied per day, so lathering it over a large area isn't needed.



  2. Never mind, I figured it out by looking at an A-gel packet. :-)

    Here's what I came up with that I'll ask his other doc about possibly writing for him:

    10% testosterone per gram in alcohol-based gel. Use 1 gm per day.

  3. The studies for Androgel did indicate that using a larger area may improve absorbtion, but, I think it is fine to concentrate the gel to at least 2.5% or 5%. I would stick to applying about 2ml each dose.

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