Regaining Fertility on HCG Alone?

  1. Regaining Fertility on HCG Alone?

    Been on TRT for last 6 months, and am confident I'm sterile now.

    If I continue TRT, and add in HCG 500iu per week, will that be enough to become fertile again after a time? If so, about how long? I know the answer to this can't be pin-pointed for me, but was wondering about any data out there that could let me rough guestimate it. Any studies been done on this?

    Better yet, anyone else get fertile while adding HCG during TRT (after TRT had been ongoing for several months)?



  2. Hi Phil before you started on TRT did you find out why your low. Are you Primary meaning your testis don't work or Secondary meaning your Pituitary is not working.

    Did you have your Estradiol levels checked with LH and FSH. I tell young men before going on TRT to find out why they are low first. If you need to be on TRT meaning what's wrong can't be fixed. You should have your sperm tested and if it's good have some frozen for a back up.

    Most men that need TRT that are Primary there sperm is not good from the start. Other men going on TRT shuts down the LH and FSH messages sent to the testis to make T and the testis stop working and get small.

    Adding HCG will get the testis working again the best they can if your Primary. If your Secondary they will work normal at Dr. John's site I read about once a month about some guy that got his wife pregnant thinking he could not do this. So you never know get your sperm tested.

  3. Thanks Phil, the one time my LH was tested a few years ago by my endo, it was in the low normal range. Testosterone was low, but sperm was good. I've got a son. :-)

    I'm probably a combo of secondary (low LH), and primary (because of age/diabetes).

  4. Yep I see this a lot where men have both problems if so HCG will help you a lot.

  5. You would probably want to the HCG at no less than 1,000 iu/wk in divided doses. It's worked for me on TRT for years. If you have relatively higher adiposity, you would want to use more.

  6. Great just try not to do more then 500 iu's per day.

  7. I'll be on 250iu 2x week to stop gonads from shrinking, and just wonder if this will make me fertile again after about a year or so while on T-cyp 90mg week.

  8. Just because your balls shrink doesn't mean you're infertile. The only way to determine if you're infertile is to get your semen tested. hCG will make your balls bigger because it is causing direct testosterone production from the sertoli cells. hCG is an LH mimetic. LH doesn't activate spermatogenesis. FSH does.

    Therefore, you need FSH, best in the form of the drug HMG. Ask you doctor about it.

    Adding hCG to TRT will not cause you to produce any more sperm than you already are. If anything, it can actually cause you to produce less over time. PM me if you have any questions as I will probably forget to come back to this thread.
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