Question about TRT..

  1. Question about TRT..

    I've been taking 25mg of clomid EOD for the past year, and i've told the dr that i heard its not safe to be on it for extended periods of time anyways my testostrone went from 300 to 997 but then it dropped down to 297 when he told me to take 25mg of clomid E3D. My question it possible if i go on testostrone shots can i take anything else with it so i wont be shut down and not have any more kids b/c i still want to have kids in the future

  2. If you do go on T shots or transdermal testosterone ask your doc about taking HCG(human chronic gonadatropin) along side Testosterone. HCG keeps your testicles stimulated and functioning. And you will still have the ability to have children.

  3. I know men on clomid for yrs. if you did not have a problem being on it this long your not going to have one. Go back on what you were doing.

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