cheap alternative to androgel

  1. cheap alternative to androgel

    Just a heads up to all i been on t therapy about 5 years. I also take arimidex every otheer day.
    Life extension pharmacy can compound your test rx into a creme or gel and its only 59 dollars for a three month supply ( providing u get a rx for a 90 day supply ) Its also convienint that they can make small adjsutments to your dose where androgel is limited to 2.5ml packs. They also can compound it into a smaller amount of creme or gel which makes it easier and neater to apply. Ive been using them for a bout a year and the results are the same as androgel. I did have to up my dose a bit, it may not be as absorbable but im feeling great and my tests have me in the range i want to be in. Also remeber to test for free testosterone total doesnt really mean much. Personally i feel best with free around 35 to 40. hope this helps some guys save money

  2. I switched from shots to a higher-dosed compounded cream. So far so good, no problems, things seem more level and balanced just going by feeling and effects. I've never tried androgel, but I'm happy with the compounded creams! Seems easier to apply with a smaller amount of cream.

  3. Any compounded transdermal is going to cost way less than androgel. I don't remember exactly what I pay, but it is a small fraction of the cost of androgel. And it works great.

  4. thanks rara......androgel charges a premium so they can bribe drs to prescribe it

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