So thats what the problem was... Low T

  1. So thats what the problem was... Low T

    So i got my hormone levels tested the other day after telling my doc about low sex drive, moodiness, lack of energy and zest for life.

    Test was at 294ng/dl, this is clinical hypogonadism!

    Anyways, i felt like garbage and wanted to self diagnose, so i started taking hcg solo @ 166iu every night before bed (as per davidz) and since tuesday, i have felt better than i have in years!

    I know people talk about the feeling of 'well being' on hcg, but for me this is like going from black and white to color. I feel confident, strong, emotionally stable, my appetite for bad food is almost zero (i used to crave bad foods before because of the emotional boost they gave me), and my appetite in general is waayyy down. Sleep is way deeper, and sex drive is back in a big way (pun intended)

    Although my doc says he cant prescribe HCG for HRT for men, he said to continue on it and we will retest hormone levels in one month.

    In addition to the hcg, i have a customcapsule formulation on the way that contains some i3c to metabolize excess e2, some divanill to free up more test, and forskolin for fat loss.

    I guess the low test is part of the reason for my gaining 80lbs in the last 3 years since i got married and stopped all hormonal supps and working out regularly. All i know is, my life is changed, and i wish i had gotten tested years ago!

  2. Bro im glad u are gettinb urself lined out, however dont blame an 80lb fat gain in 3 yrs age 24-27 on low test.. Feel me.. Ive been on trt since 02.. I gained some fat with low t, but nothin like that

  3. that was food choices, no exercise etc.. in my humble opinion.. Now u have no excuse.. Time for a cutter log bro!!!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by PumpDogg View Post
    that was food choices, no exercise etc.. in my humble opinion.. Now u have no excuse.. Time for a cutter log bro!!!
    That is a fair assessment. Indeed, low test by itself cannot cause that kind of fat gain. The problem was more like, i was always depressed because of the low test, therefore i avoided responsibility, did not feel like working out, and strayed towards junk food to comfort myself (make myself feel better).

    With the current supplementation, i feel so awesome, i have no craving whatsoever for junk food, and a serious craving to work out! I have been hitting the gym hard, with 30 mins of cardio 5 times a week, as well as heavy lifting. Will be increasing cardio to 1hr 3 days a week, and 30 mins 2 days a week starting next week.

    There is now NO excuse to be overweight, trust me, im stoked to get my **** together

    BTW thanks for the positive words!

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