Any tips for obtaining a Legit TRT script?

  1. Any tips for obtaining a Legit TRT script?

    hey whats up fellas?

    Ive been on gear for some time, name it ive ran it.

    Im thinking of trying to obtain a script for TRT now. and yeah, i'll still use UGL stuff but id like to be able to cover my ass legally.

    Im aprox 30, good overall health, slight bp issues at times but otherwise good to go.

    I was thinking of a good technique to go about.

    If i came off my test cold turkey, say just enough time for the long esters to be out of my sys, would my natty T levels be bottomed out enough for him to give me a script?

    That would be unbearable at this point, going natty that is, even for a month.

    Would this work you think?

    Or just jump on Primo or EQ for a couple of months without Test, then go into the docs...Would that work as well? or would the other anabolics affect the lab results negatively out of my favor?

    So, what do yous think? Is my age a factor? would he want to run multiple tests after seeing the Low T levels?

    I know i know, i shouldnt abuse the medical system for my own benefit.

    But id really like to be able to cover my ass legally, in case im tested down the road etc. i could always whip out my script and have a good excuse why my T is high.

    Any input appreciated. Not looking for a lecture or snide remarks but those are welcome as well

  2. Jay, if you're going to still use stuff that's not prescribed to you, why bother with the hoops to jump through? Personally, I would'nt waste my time trying to get a script for a small dose of test. Not to mention, some doctors are starting to see the games guys are playing to get a script, and are refusing to help until they put them through other treatments first (clomid, hcg etc). This way they are still making money, and in their eyes, they are getting the patient what he wants (normal testosterone levels). You got to understand, I know there are plenty of guys who have a legitimate need for trt, but there are also plenty who don't, yet are still pretending to. On the flip side, there are many doctors who won't be eager to automatically prescribe testosterone to a guy under the age of 40, but obviously there are some that will.

  3. PM me and i can help you out with the rx

  4. Yeah, i know it seems pointless to even bother with the Rx but im thinking of a multitude of Pro's and con's in my situation.

    The what ifs: What if a mass raid took place, A La "Raw deal" and all the UGL's close shop (i know thats a domestic issue and less of a problem with E. european supplies)

    There will always be batches in europe to ship to the US im sure.

    Then i worry about some random test, that i come up as abnormal on.

    Generally speaking, which kind of doc's should i try first? would a General practitioner be able to do what im asking or is it almost always an Endo specialist id haveto deal with?

    PM sent DTS

  5. Jay, I think you're worrying for nothing brother. I understand your point, but I wouldn't lose sleep over it. The stuff isn't goin away, and as far as tests, I've heard of guys testing positive from taking legal otc products.

  6. Any tips for obtaining a Legit TRT script?
    Have legitimately low testosterone levels?

  7. Yeah, be an old man. lol

  8. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    Have legitimately low testosterone levels?
    Sounds good. I'll start using AN products. That should work.

  9. wow EasyJL, looks like those meds have really helped! great transformation.


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