Restart Protocol?? (32Male)

  1. Restart Protocol?? (32Male)

    Hi I'm a 32yr old male.

    Approximately 10 yrs ago I did a few cycles of steroids with out any time off and just continued the 2nd cycle After I was done with the cycles I only did HCG two times of 5000iu's a week apart.

    So about 8yrs ago I started to feel like SH!$ and didn't know why. I saw a kaiser doctor and said I was fatigue,impotent and depressed. They said my T levels were fine and put me on Viagra and medication for the depression. I suffered for about 8yrs of my life went down the drain. So about 6 months ago I saw a hormone doctor and he discovered that my free testostrone was low and my nuts were atrophy.
    I'm not taking any prescription drugs as of 6 months ago.

    So this doc put me on "hcg 500iu 3x a week along with 50 clomid for a month got my free testostrone up to 27.78 pg/ml. so the doctor told me to taper off the clomid and just continue the hcg.

    Did another blood test after I was only using HCG 3x a wk and my testosterone level dropped to 9.62 pg/ml the low range again. Now he tells me to start the clomid again and I'm feeling bad again.

    I have 2 blood testes that are recent about 2 months apart that have hea,lh,fsh,dht ect..

    Can someone please tell me a protocol to do or advise me on what I should do or try?

  2. I would follow your docs advise.
    start the clomid again, to try to get your free test levels up. if it keeps going down after you stop the hcg and clomid you might think about letting your doc give you i.m test if your body cant produce it on its own.

    keep in mind Im no doc.

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