How long fir androgel to kick in?

  1. How long fir androgel to kick in?

    I've been taking 5% androgel for about a week and haven't noticed anything. How long does it usually take to notice a difference? When should I get a follow up test to re-check levels and adjust doses?

  2. When I started androgel it took about 2-3 weeks to feel the difference. I retested after 90 days it took my t level from 216 to 577. The first thing I noticed that my energy level was getting better.You may respond faster or slower just give it time.

  3. i did not respond well to androgel or the patch. TT levels actually dropped. I am now using a sub-lingual by mouth tablet called Striant, and seen a very positive result

  4. anywhere from 1 day to 1 year, depends how much well you can handle it, it goes to e2 or not, etc.

  5. I tried the sub-lingual for awhile. Aggravating feeling the entire time it was stuck between gum and lip, and gross when taking out the melted lozenge. Shots are much less hassle for me.



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