benadrly and hyperactivity

  1. benadrly and hyperactivity

    I have of course heard that benadryl helps many with sleep. It has the opposite effect on me, making me very hyper while totally exhausted, its an awful feeling.

    Basically i can not lay still while on it and squirm around uncontrollably while in desperate need of sleep. I have heard this happens with kids as their nerves are not fully formed.

    Hasanyone heard of this and does it indicate any condition that may be preventing me from sleeping?

  2. What dosage are you taking? Too much diphenhydramine will definitely make you twitchy and restless...even when you feel tired as hell.

  3. the normal otc dose in several always causes a weird anxiety and pain that will not allow me to sleep.

  4. diphenhydramine=great sleep for me.
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  5. now I an being told this reaction may be due to heavy metal toxicity, which it seems like I have benadryl is virtual torture

    after two months of red tape, i Have finally been approved for xyrem and will start that next week. I havent slept more than a very few hours in any given night for 6 months now, it is hell on earth.



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