HCG - Novarel Alternatives?

  1. HCG - Novarel Alternatives?

    I was getting my novarel for $70 10000 IU and i thought that was expensive. Now the price increased to $90. Im still refilling my prescription this time but for future i wanted to know what alternative can i use instead of novarel?

    I dont even need 10,000 IU because i throw away more than half of it. So is there some other brand that comes in less than 10,000 IU and is cheaper?

    I called my pharmacy they said they only carry novarel and its $90. I guess i have to shop around.

    You guys know any other good brands that i can try out that would be cheaper? please list the names of the brands so i can ask different pharmacies if they have it in stock and their prices.

    I also have insurance but i called the rx department for my insurance and they said i would need approval. I know how that works, they usually take like 2-3 months to give you a YES or No. I remember i needed a mri done and it took them like a month and half to approve it. I know My health insurance sucks. Im self employed and pay $360 a month for health insurance. Anyone else pay for their insurance? you guys ever changed insurances? is that a good idea?


  2. Hey man,

    Similar boat as you. If you can switch try using BCBS. I am on a BCBS HMO and they send my hcg directly to my house for $50. Bacteriostatic water, sharps, swabs, and sharps container all come FREE with it. How is your therapy going? I am doing HCG Mono too. I would PM you but my post count isn't high enough.

  3. There are a couple things you could do. You could get Pregnyl. It is suppossed to be good for 60 days. You could also get another steril vial, and half the powder so that you only reconstitute 1/2 or 5000IUs. There is generic HCG available but the potency is not as strong so you may have to up the dose to get the same effect. You could also find an online supplier that supplies it much cheaper. My quotes locally for Novarel was $130 and Pregnyl was $115, $90 seems like a deal. The local pharmacies only supply 10,000 IU vials.

  4. Yeah you are right, I got pregnyl once and it was like $65.00. Also dude, I know you are reluctant to ask for approval, but do it. Honestly, if you biatch enough your insurance company will push it through for you. I did and now it covers it so I pay $50 per 10,000 iu. Not perfect, or super cheap, but a heck of a lot better than paying double the price.

  5. Here is what a lot of guys had to do when the HCG ran out do to the HCG diet. They ordered it from the ADC you can get 2000 IU, 5000 IU and 10,000 IU. Make sure you get the brand that come in a Vial the water that comes with it is for mixing and using in the same day it will not keep in the fridge.

    The Corion 2000 i.u. brand will last 4 weeks doing 250 IU's x's a week.

    Or the Ovidac 2000 i.u. brand it has a vial other wise you need to buy some vials to mix it in and keep it in the fridge.

    This is there top selling brand.

    To mix it buy there Bacteriostatic Water.

    If you get the amps there is a guy posting at Dr. M's forum he puts his mixed HCG in needls and freezes them.
    ============================== =======
    Originally Posted by http://www.steroidology.com/forum/490557-post10.html
    this is what i was told :

    Go to your local homecare and surgical store and find an IV bag of Lactated Ringer's Solution. This is what they infuse into you for a nutrient IV; it's pH balanced and buffered, it's got a great mix of ions to stabilize various protein structures (not why they're included in the first place, but it works out well for our purposes), and it's all around a good choice for peptide hormone rehydration for the purpose of storage.

    Dissolve your hCG in Lactated Ringer's, then aliquot it into some slin pins (at whatever dosage you want to take). Pre-load ALL of your expected dosages into these slin pins. Pull back the plunger from the pin to make sure the liquid will have room to expand, and put all of the pins in the freezer (about -20°C is what a standard freezer holds at if not opened too much). When you need to take a shot, put the pin you need to use in the fridge to thaw... if taking a multi-day course of hCG, it works nicely... take out 1 pin on day 0, shoot that pin on day 1 and at the same time put 1 pin in the fridge for day 2, shoot one pin on day 2, put one in the fridge for day 3... etc.

    If you try to freeze hCG in bacteriostatic water, it might not make it... but the comfortable mix of ions, sugars, and the buffered pH of Lactated Ringer's makes it a lot easier on the peptide hormone to store at 4°C or to freeze and thaw. That said, avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles when using hCG from storage.
    ============================== =======
    The following is how to mix it.
    BTW...the water you need to reconstitute HCG is bacteriostatic water.

    Calculating HCG:

    There isn't a specific ratio of cc/ml to IU. It depends on how you mix it. It's quite simple. If you dillute 5,000 IUs HCG with 5ml (cc) solvent, the end result is 1,000 IUs per ml (cc). Divide the same 5,000 IUs with 10 ml (cc) and the end result is 500 IUs per ml (cc). Therefore, a large part depends on the concentration of HCG per ampoule or vial.

    Mixing HCG:
    (Items needed: bacwater h20 and some 5ml emty vials-get****).

    1) Open hcg/amp with powder
    2) Use a syringe to pull out 1cc of BacWater and put in amp with HCG
    3) It will instantly dissolve
    4) Then Use an empty 5ml vial (sterile and sealed) put 4ml of Bacwater in the vial
    5) Take syringe and ad the mixed HCG solution to the 5ml vial
    6) Shake it and you have 5000IU's of HCG
    7) Than draw 1cc and inject
    8) put the rest in the refrigerator

    •The reason your discarding the amp of solvent cause its made for 1 times use and you wouldn’t be able to refrigerate it and use it a week later again. That’s why you need Bac H2o.
    •The most common side affect associated with HCG is gynecomastia. The concurrent intake of Nolvadex with HCG prevents gynecomastia, prevents/minimizes leydig cell desensitization and contiues the stimulation of pituitary LH once HCG has been discontinued.
    •HCG will last approximately 30 days if mixed with Bac h2o instead of the solvent it comes with.
    •You can keep the mixed hcg in vial or pins In the fridge till use
    ============================== =======
    I just had my Drug Plain switched from Caremark to Medco when I called to renew my HCG they told me it's not covered any more. I have my Union Rep. looking into this this. Medco told me for a 90 days supply it would cost me $280. I think you can buy Novarel at Costco for $50 a box.

  6. So you are saying the HUcog won't last more then a day in the fridge with the water it comes with?

  7. Yes if it's not mixed with bacteriostatic water most of the HCG we can get off the web does not come with bacteriostatic water. The water it comes with is ment to be mixed and used at the same time some women do huge shots of it 2000 to 4000 IU's so the can make a baby.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by CubbieBlue View Post
    Yeah you are right, I got pregnyl once and it was like $65.00. Also dude, I know you are reluctant to ask for approval, but do it. Honestly, if you biatch enough your insurance company will push it through for you. I did and now it covers it so I pay $50 per 10,000 iu. Not perfect, or super cheap, but a heck of a lot better than paying double the price.
    I was paying $90 for novarel then i was like i should try 2 get my insurance to cover it, even though i though it wouldnt be possible for them to cover it because they are always giving me problems when i actually need something.

    I decided to call them and they gave me a form for my Dr to fill out. My doc filled it out sent it to the insurance then i had to keep calling them every week to check up on the status. They needed some labs from the doc, once my doc sent them about 2 weeks later it was approved. Now i get the pregnyl brand 10,000 IU for $7 co pay. Previously i found a place for $52 for pregnyl from a drug store in nyc, they only sell to females for that price but i talked to the manager and he said if the script is from a nyc doc and it has the diagnosis on it he will help me out. So even without insurance $52 isnt bad. But ya now im only paying $7. I called other stores and its going for about 115. i feel that pregnyl brand is better and it lasts 60 days unlike novarel which is only 30.


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