anti histamines, natural anti histamines and lh output

  1. anti histamines, natural anti histamines and lh output

    i heard/read that anti histamines can lower lh and thus test levels

    can someone back this up with links/studies, can't find much on google...

    also.. would a natural anti histamine like turmeric produce same results as say loratadine (i do have to struggle to keep good wood with loratadine)


  2. That is funny you ask that question. I recently started taking loratidine again and I did experience some ED issues.

  3. Low histamine levels will kill your wood and lower your libido. As for your Lh and FSH levels never heard this but if you drive anything to low it will effect your T levels.

  4. why would low histamine kill wood? doesnt high to the same thing?

  5. I had links about this but they are not working anymore. I was on a med that lowered my levels and I had ED from this I stopped the med got a supplement to bring my levels back up and my ED went away.

  6. I do not have a link to an exact study but I can tell you that my younger brother is on a prescription antihistamine as well as seeing an endocrinologist for some hormone issues and after taking the antihistamine his LH dropped considerably. I dont know if benadryl will do this to but what he was taking definitely messed with his LH.

  7. i think it depends on if it crosses BBB or not

    old school benadryl likes will block all four histamine receptors everywhere (drowsy and other crappy sides)

    claritin and others shouldnt mess with it, since it only selelctively binds to H1 in tissues and not crossing bbb.

    there needs to be a balance i belive. just like E level for libido.

    so search pubmed for specific anti H.

    ive been on allegra and other anti H for all my younger lives...dont remember libido loss or anything like that.

    cumming faster i noticed when my H is high,,,i dont think New school anti H blocked that.

    Histamine causes prolactin increase (found that study on pubmed, dont have it saved but search yourself) FYI.

  8. I've never noticed any issues personally when taking Loratidine, Zyrtec, or good old benedryl (which I take all the time since I have insomnia).
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  9. Benedryl knocks me out so fast I don't have time to notice any ED issues. lol


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