Good doctors in the Chicago Area

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    Good doctors in the Chicago Area

    Hey everyone! It's good to see a forum with people that have similar issues as me. I am 29 and constantly fatigued and have very little facial and arm pit hair. I also have a low sex drive and anxiety. I went to the endocrinologist at the VA with my labs (256 out of 300-1000 and 60 0ut 0f 120 free) and the endocrinologist said that giving me testosterone would be prescribing me something I dont need (due to my low normal free levels). The VA took like 9 vials of blood from me and said my thyroid is fine. To this end I am looking for an Endocrinologist in the Chicago area that specializes in TRT, not just diabetes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am not diagnosis searching, I just want someone who is experienced in TRT to diagnose me as either fine or T deficient. Thanks!

    P.S. I tried to use the "finding a doctor" feature on this forum but most of the links were broken.

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    Please get a copy of your labs to see for yourself what all the numbers are. If you like, post the numbers/ranges here. A lot of helpful people here will be glad to look at them.

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