Firm Erections = Test and E2 in Balance?

  1. Question Firm Erections = Test and E2 in Balance?

    My test is at 800 (ref range 250-1100). E2 was at 29 (ref range <29). These levels were the result of 200mg a week of cyp. I had bad ED so 3 weeks ago Doc put me on .25 of arim. every 3 days. After the first 2 weeks my erections were coming back strong, but then this week I am starting to have ED again. My test dose is being lowered to 175 a week and Doc will do labs again in six weeks. My question is should I get off Arim until erections return or try doing the Arim every 4 or even 5 days? This is getting frustrating!!

  2. that blows man... i wihad some info that could be of some help

  3. This is exactly the kind of thing that scares me about going on TRT! The infamous "roller coaster" ...

  4. Welcome to TRT. You have two choices:

    1. stay at your dose, wait for your next labs, then adjust

    2. adjust dose and see how you feel

    Hopefully we all eventually find a plan that works and can just stick to it.

  5. Lucky, when you hit these valleys and have ED, is it complete and total won't work for nothing? Or will Viagra work - have you tried it?

  6. It works, just not as well as it should. I don't do the Viagra route. To much hassle and it is just a cover up for what is going on. Would rather get my hormones in balance so that everything works the way it should, erections, good workouts and recovery, mind right, etc.

  7. Sure, I understand - you're right. As someone who is about to go on TRT, however, I just wanted to make sure you were totally "shut down" in these valleys, because that is a truly scary thought.

  8. Post your blood tests.

    Use HCG

    Use EOD schedule.

    Without knowing your tests results, you can improve your situation by
    going to EOD schedule like these


    Do both shots one day next day free of shots.

    Two more you can do now test latter

    Vit D-8000iu/day
    Lugol's solution, one dropper full 2x/week

    .............................. .................


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