TRT and body hair

  1. TRT and body hair

    As you may have seen in another thread, my doc is going to start me on TRT (100mg Test Cyp a week) to get my T up out of the 400s. One thing I'm worried about is more body hair - I'm already a pretty hairy dude - complete chest coverage, plenty on legs and pubic area.

    I had laser a few years ago on upper arms and it worked wonders but I can't do that anymore as I have a skin condition called Vitiligo and they think lasers could make that worse, so that's out. My only option would be waxing the back and shoulders, etc.

    Can you guys on TRT weigh in on how much your body hair worsened? I'd appreciate it, I want to know what I'm in for.


  2. I was never really a back hair guy even into my late 30's early 40's until TRT. It is not thick and heavy but visible. My neckline hair comes in pretty rapidly as well as my facial hair.

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