just started on gear

  1. Talking just started on gear

    went to the urologist last week because I have been feeling lethargic, foggy, and lost my libido in the last year. he ran two blood workups and diagnosed me with hypogonadism and prescribed 5mg of androgel to me. told me to come back in 30 days and have more bloodwork done. started the scrip last wednesday and dont feel a thing? I heard the absorption rate for androgel was low. Is there anything i can do to improve it. BTW, my numbers were: total T 260 (300-870), free T 5.9 (9-25), normal e2, and normal prostate function. opinions? thanks


  2. how about heating the application areas with a hair dryer before I put the androgel on. good idea for better absorption?

  3. androgel is garbage, to be honest. it didnt get anything for me. how many pumps is 5 mg?

  4. that makes me feel better. hahaha

  5. Gear? Do BB terms really apply to androgel? Or this forum in general?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by calnaughtonjr View Post
    that makes me feel better. hahaha
    i have never used androgel, let me make that clear. but with any transdermal product one should take a hot shower which will open the pores and clean the skin which will do the same thing. hope that helps

  7. thanks. I have never cycled any ph or aas at all before. Im naturally small. I was joking about gearing up because i know the androgel is not very powerful. I just want to make it back to the high normal test range for my age. cheers all

  8. what about my hairdryer idea to heat my skin and improve absorption? thanks

  9. allright. I used the androgel for the last few days and it burns my effin skin. The doc called in a new scrip for testim (5mg) a day. does that stuff use the same delivery method as androgel and is it better? thanks all

  10. if this doesn't work then im gonna ask the doc if i can switch to 100mg test cypionate injections every week and hope he goes for it. would i need to take an AI with that?

  11. i'm on 100mg testim type gel. Been on for about a month. Haven't done the next set of labs, nor implemented estrogen control or the hcg yet.

    But, for what its worth so far, I feel significantly different. Better mood, sleep, and my muscles feel harder.

  12. What is 100 mg "Testim type gel?" Mine was in 5 gram tubes......

  13. Completely agree with WC1968, please don't act like the guys on here are a bunch of roid rats.


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