Am I to late for clomid?

  1. Am I to late for clomid?

    Hi all

    I had a varicocele at the age of 11(i know laaame) and it was very very large varicocele on both testicles but I got it sorted with a embolization a year later. It worked a treat in shrinking the veins but some remained behind my testicles but at the time i wasnt going to complain from what they were before.

    Now recently I began to worry something was up Im 21 now and my sex drive has been hitting rock bottom for couple months now. Im healthy sporting guy so my diet and life factors are not a problem. I always felt my testicles were on smaller after the treatment and they rarely drop down proply, so my Q's are

    is it to late to use Clomid and will i see increase increase in size and is this permanent ?

    Im of see my Gp this monday but most time there a waste of space if i find out my T levels i can compare them to my twin brother who did not suffer from any of this and his T levels were 33 (from 9-27 being normal) and he hit a high of 40 if i have low T levels this would be exact proof that varicocele affect T levels and you guys suffering should go sort it out .

    Thanks for your time and sorry for the long post

  2. Talking about Clomid even before getting proper blood work is jumping the gun a bit. If you do have hypogonadism, and if it's due to testicular damage from the varicoceles, Clomid won't help, since it's for helping to restart one's HPTA if they have functioning testicles.

    I personally wouldn't use Clomid myself for anything, since it can cause permanently blurred vision in some people, especially if they are exposed to bright light while taking it.

  3. Thanks for the reply i wasnt going to take it before i got my results back just wanted to know if their is anything out there that could help me recover (if any at all) damage done to me . I will post lab results shortly

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