Testim Questions

  1. Testim Questions

    Hey all,

    I am 27 and was having issues with fatigue, depression, and low sex drive (enough that my wife was convinced I was getting some lovin' on the side). I knew my brother was on a topical for testosterone and figured that we might have the same kind of issues. After visiting a urologist, and a bunch of tests later, he started me on Testim. It's been about a week and I haven't seen much difference yet except for my energy level. I don't actually know my numbers on the test, I didn't think to ask.

    At first those issues were all I was thinking about. But now that I've read the information that came with the medication. I'm seeing it will help muscle mass and body fat %. In the past if I worked out, I could be on a steady workout program and not see good results. Does Low T have a big impact on how your body burns fat? And if so, could I expect a better result if I began working out again? I'm currently 5'11" and 275 lbs. I have lost a little height as well. WIll I regain that back?

  2. At 27 you're too young to be losing height due to any spine related issues, but check with your doctor just to be sure. Maybe it's your posture due to not feeling well?

    Also, could be hydration issue and/or low sodium. Your spinal disks may not be as full of fluid as they have been. If that's the case, then yes you probably can get it back.

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