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  1. I just can't get over the name... Even if it works, going to my doc and asking for a script for secret-tropin is like asking for condoms in front of your mom. You just don't feel right eventhough you're doing the right thing lol

  2. 2 week checkin

    Urine GH is still pending. It was just ran yesterday... all labs I have found run it only once a month.

    E2 came back 22 (< 29)

    Physically, whether placebo or real, I have noticed that my recovery from workouts has improved rather dramatically in the last few days. I have been working harder and notice less intense and diminished length in my recovery of the worked muscle group. If this keeps up, I will be reinstituting a twice a week workout plan.

    Sleeping pretty soundly, although I have a 16 yo and have had him on my mind a night or two. But overall, maybe a bit better. I get up at 4:30 now to go to the gym, so I am hitting the sack about 9pm each night.

    My hunger is certainly still there, but maybe a little less pronounced. I have bumped calorie intake a bit... mostly because I have an incredible wife who cooks like a 5 star chef, and I can't bring myself to cut out everything. So suppers remain a test, while daytime is easy, although I am sometimes really ready for lunch by the time it arrives.

  3. Just received Urine GH results prior to Secretropin.

    Given that this is a 'questionable' test in that Dr. C believes there is only a single source with appropriate/believable results AND that there is questions concerning the efficacy and 'normal' levels to begin with, I recognize the results are not rock solid. However, they are what I have thus far.

    Esoterix lab

    24hr Urine vol: 5350

    GH/Cr: 2.2 ng/g (0.2 - 14.8)

    GH 24hr: 5.3 ng/24hr

    Cr 24hr: 2399 mg/24hr (800 - 2000)
    Cr/Urine: 41 mg/dL

    I am sending the next sample to both Esoterix and Rhein labs for comparison.

    The creatinine level appears high, but I have been maintaining a high protein diet with intense weighlifting. My creatinine clearance is normal. My BUN and Total Cr would seem to be excessive, however, I am obviously NOT dehydrated given the volume and my GFR is normal. The relatively 'elevated' levels are merely associated with diet and intense exercise.

    Est GFR:107

    John, I know you don't put much stock in any lab other than Rhein. However, can you give any thoughts on the GH level compared to what you have been seeing and treating? I have found a wide range of 'normal' levels.


  4. One month labs...

    Somewhat disappointing given that I have diminished Test and Increased Estradiol. I am using 2 pumps AM and 6 pumps PM. I will maintain for one more month and see what happens. Only thing different for the month has been the Secretropin, Multi-Vit, and Zinc.

    Urine GH is pending
    DHT is pending

    Baseline / 1 month

    IGF-1 188 / 202 (91-246)
    IGFBP-3 3.5 / 4.1 (3.3-6.7)
    Test, tot 557 / 495 (250-1100)
    Test, Free 94 / 82.2 (35-155)
    DHT 44 / (P) (25-75)

    Estradiol us 22 / 46 (<29)
    Uring GH, 24H (P)

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Dadnatron View Post
    One month labs...

    Somewhat disappointing given that I have diminished Test and Increased Estradiol. I am using 2 pumps AM and 6 pumps PM. I will maintain for one more month and see what happens. Only thing different for the month has been the Secretropin, Multi-Vit, and Zinc.

    Urine GH is pending
    DHT is pending

    Baseline / 1 month

    IGF-1 188 / 202 (91-246)
    IGFBP-3 3.5 / 4.1 (3.3-6.7)
    Test, tot 557 / 495 (250-1100)
    Test, Free 94 / 82.2 (35-155)
    DHT 44 / (P) (25-75)

    Estradiol us 22 / 46 (<29)
    Uring GH, 24H (P)
    I'm not sure why it would have any effect on your sex hormones, although I've read higher levels of testosterone will boost IGF-1. Did you draw the same time of the day? My testosterone levels are higher around 7 to 8 in the morning.

    Your IGF-1 and IGFBP-3 look promising - especially for the first month. Also, the fact that your recovery is enhanced and you feel better should count for something.

  6. Just got DHT back...

    Labs were drawn within 1hr of each other. At approximately 8-9am both draws. Both on a non-workout day.

    DHT 44/52 (25-75)

    Yes... my recovery is better, but I am not entirely sure it isn't continued conditioning and placebo. HOWEVER, I am not looking a gift horse in the mouth.

    On Gordon's patients, it seemed that alot of people who weighed over 200 lbs did far less well than those who weighed significantly less. In fact, if you look at his charts... you can see that the ones who weighed the most were the same ones who typically had considerable detrimental effect of the medication ie decreased IGF/Test.

    I agree, it isn't directly related to testosterone, however, it is clear on his data that testosterone typically increased along with IGF-1/IGFBP-3 or decreased on those who did not respond.

    I am giving it another month though. I am hopeful, because there certainly couldn't be an EASIER form hormonal manipulation, than spraying something under your tongue.

  7. Is it true if your on Testosterone meds, Cortef HC, Thyroid, Florinef and Iron your IGF-1 lab levels will show higher then they are.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Dr. John View Post
    Sprinolactone blocks DHT receptors. This was discovered when some patients using it as a potassium-sparing diuretic (it's intended use) developed gynocomastia.

    It seems to work very well for most, especially when mixed into a Rx-strength ketoconozole. Incorporating a liposomal delivery system that speeds it to the hair root enhances performance. Have your friendly compounding pharmacy make some up for you.
    I have been wondering about this shampoo combination. I understand that you, Dr. Crisler, have it made by a compounder for your patients. That's good of you. Cutting edge as usual.

    I was wondering if anyone can recommend how to home brew it? While I appreciate that it may not be the most efficient delivery system, but I was thinking about just grinding up some pills and mixing them with the shampoo, to try out on my rats. Can anyone suggest how many milligrams to mix with a 120 ml bottle of shampoo.

    I would try mixing with Minoxidil, but I understand it makes for a stinky compound.

    Thanks in advance for any help. And sorry if this is viewed as a highjack. I can start another thread if others are interested.

  9. 2 Months of Secretropin with approximately 90% accuracy/compliance with dosing.

    IGF-1 is up about 30%.

    Testosterone is down approximately 40%. This might be due to support, and will address this over the next couple of months. This is concerning, and unexpected.

    Currently, I have taken Secretropin for 3 months. However, I have not done labs for this month. I am unsure if I will, or wait for another month or two. This will depend on whether I support testosterone differently. I have thus far not decided on a course of action.

    But what I can say is that given the IGF-1/IGFBP-3 levels... the 2 - AM and 4 - PM sprays are working as billed.

    Not all labs were drawn at each 'draw' ie some only on last draw (12/10) others skipped 11/03 draw.

    9/15 (Baseline)... 11/03....................12/10...................

    DHEA-s - 190 ........... - ........... 166 (44 - 345)

    E2 (US) - 22 ........... 46 ........... 26 (<29)

    SHBG - - ............ - ........... 24 (7 - 50)

    IGF-1 - 188 .......... 202 ............ 258 (86 - 220)

    IGFBP-3 - 3.5 .......... 4.1 ........... 4.4 (3.3 - 6.7)

    Test tot - 557 .......... 495 .......... 329 (250-1100)

    Test Free - 94.1 .......... 82.2 .......... 52.3 (35 - 155)

    - bioavail - - .......... - .......... 107.6 (110 - 575)

    DHT - 44 .......... 52 .......... 52 (25 - 75)

    FSH - .......... - .......... 4.9 (1.6 - 8.0)

    LH - .......... - .......... 6.8 (1.5 - 9.3)

  10. I am Hypopituitary and for the last 7 yrs my Dr.'s have told me I need HGH I read about the sides and did not want to try it. I have been on TRT over 27 yrs 23 of them I was told I am Primary.

    Well a yr. ago last Nov. I had to have Heart Bypass Sugary and it when bad. I had to be opened up 5 tims and each time they had to leave me open until blood thinners got out of my body.

    I died 5 times 3 of them I came back before they could shock me back.

    My Heart Dr. told me he feels my heart was bad do to the low Growth Hormones I had over the yrs. You can read my story at this link and the heart update.

    I have helped men and women on forums for yrs. men with low T and women with Adreanls and Thyroud problems.

    I started on Humatrope 6mg Pen doing .3 mgs shots per day been on it for 4 weeks now.

    After 3 shots I had to go in for labs on my testosterone levels.

    My IGF-1 before HGH was 130 just doing 3 shots I am up over the top of the range for my age 262 top is 228 my Dr. told me I must be in bad need of this to go up this fast.

    My Thyroid went up to high I needed to lower my Armour meds. And my DHT shot up to 2x's above the top of the range. All the rest of my labs were good like all ways.

    One problem I had was doing the HGH shot at bed time my sugary dropped to low by morning this feels like crap.

    I had to do some thing to fix this even eating before going to be did not help. I had this problem before but after treating my low Adrenals with Cortef this stopped.

    So I now do the shot in the morning this helped a lot and I take 2.5 mgs of corter at bedtime. So now all is great.


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