Arimidex timing...

  1. Arimidex timing...

    Ive been on TRT for about two years now, I do take Adex regularly. My question is: Is it optimal to take the Adex at the same time of my T-shots or 12-24 hrs after my injects? The Adex that I am using is a liquid oral.

  2. No most men need to take say .25 mgs in your case .25mls every 2 to 3 days it takes 5 weeks to build up in your body and the half life is 3 days. Gage not going to low by your night time and morning wood. When I got my Estradiol down my wood came back when I went to low I lost it. So if you lose wood stop the Arimidex until your wood comes back that day go back on it but do less. I do .25 mgs every 3 days some times this in not enough so I go on every 2 days. Estradiol is the hardest hormone to control with your older and or on TRT.

    You need to keep a log how you feel when your to high or to low. If your levels are to low you can't get it up taking Viagra. If your levels go up to high as they are going up I get sore and hard nipples low grade wood and look red on the upper parts of my body and head. So between labs and wood I keep my levels good between 15 to 20 pg/ml if your SHBG is on the lower side say 20 to 25 you need to keep your Estradiol lower say 15.

  3. I curently have been doing .25mg EOD (.25ml). I just adjusted my dose of test. Im a hyper excreter so my doc has me on 300mg a week. But after being on that regimen for over a year i started getting bad sides, ache etc. plus my energy and cognition was crapy. So i adjusted my test to 100mg E3D's. TRying to get re-balanced.

  4. I am the same way eat it up as fast as I take it so I do like Dr. Shippen does for his self now he dose shots every 3 days. I do one better I do the same dose he dose 80mgs every 3 days but the 2 days each in between I do HCG 400 IU's this keeps my levels higher and keeps my testis working I am secondary. Doing this holds down the sides and keeps my Estradiol levels down better. Before doing this I was doing a big shot every week and needed 1mgs of arimidex everyday to keep my levels of Estradiol down. Now I get by on .25mgs every 2 to 3 days.

  5. Thank you for your input! So would your routine look like this:?
    Mon- t-shot 80mg
    tue- hcg 400iu
    wed- hcg 400iu
    thur- t-shot 80mg
    fri- hcg 400iu
    sat- hcg 400iu
    sun- t-shot 80 mg

  6. Yes and my TT levels are up into the upper 800's top of Quest labs range is 1100. I keep my Estradiol levels down taking .25mgs every 2 to 3 days some weeks I have to take it everyday right now it's every 3 days. My Estradiol never stays the same level from month to month and changes some times by the week.

  7. Ok do you would it be possible that your estradiol levels go up and down by doing the E3D regimen for your test? I have some hcg handy and need to restore some size in the boys. I havent checked my bloodwork in awhile and need to but i would like to have my body regimented before i go in. Ive had great success in the past with 500iu on saturday and 500iu on sunday, but my regimen for t-shots was mon wed fri. I was thinking of doing:

    tue- NA
    thur- tshot
    Fri- 500iu hcg
    sat- 500iu hcg
    sun- tshot
    mon- na
    tue- na
    wed- tshot
    thur- 500iu hcg
    Fri- 500iu hcg

    or should i do:

    250iu's the two days between tshots?

    My only concerns is that my test levels are already in the max range and i dont want the hcg to spill me over.

  8. Ok do the shots of HCG 250 the 2 days in between your T shots but stop the HCG 5 to 7 days before labs or your labs will look higher then they are. HCG has a short half life less then 2 days and it will make T and Estradiol look higher then it is. When I first tried HCG I was doing Depo T shots 150 mgs a week my levels were a low 600 top of range 1100. I added HCG 500 IU's 3x's a week my Dr. had me do this to prove to me it would not change my levels because every Dr. I had see in the past 23 yrs before trying HCG told me I am Primary meaning my testis don't work. Well after the 15th. shot my levels doubled they went up to 1200 this is how I figured out I am Secondary meaning my Pituitary dose not tell my testis to work. So today I treat all the hormones that are under the control of the Pituitary Testosterone, Cortisol, Thyroid, Ferritin and Aldosterone. They were all low or low normal levels after being on TRT 23 and never feeling 100% this was the reasion why I am not Primary but I am Secondary.

    So if your testis work good and the only way to tell is do labs the go on the HCG then after some 15 shots do labs again.


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