Chicago-south side-doctor recommendation

  1. Chicago-south side-doctor recommendation

    Chicago-south side-doctor recommendation
    I have low test (150) and need some help.
    I live in South Holland, IL which is a south suburb of the Chicago area.

    5'-6" 176lbs
    43 yrs
    Never had AAS, only OC supplements

    My blood test:
    Testosterone, Total: 150
    Testosterone, Free: 36.4
    I believe this is low testosterone level, especially considering this blood test was during the following OC test boost supplements: trib powder, lo jack powder, USP Labs PowerFull, Biotest Tribex

    My family doctor thought these levels are fine. So I am looking for another doctor.

    Thank you for your assistance.
    Greg Alcorn

  2. Youth-Rx. Google them

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