Low T's-- Need info on HCG--Please Help!!

  1. Low T's-- Need info on HCG--Please Help!!

    Hi all

    I have very low libido. My Testostorone test came at 350 which is very low. I took Deca 2 years ago and haven't been back to normal. I haven't been on nothing since then.

    I've been looking in to HCG to recover my T levels. What is the protocal for HCG? The information out thier is very confusing.

    I really would appreciate any feed back I can get. I just want to be normal again. I'm 37 and I'm healthy except for the low T's.

  2. clomid, not hcg. You need clomid now.

    Take 25/mg for 6 weeks and see what happens.

    Clomid restarts your hpta and boosts LH, HCG just stimulates the testicles, not the brain.

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