Well, had my sleep study done last night and confirmed what we already knew (and Matrix called just by looking at blood work).
Tech came in at 1am an said my oxygen was down to 60 (said 90 was normal), so he hooked me up to CPAP right away and played with the levels all night.

Won't have official results to Dr. M for another week or 2, but he already knows I have it.

As a matter of fact, when I was there this week, getting heat on my back before my massage therapy (which is very nice), I passed out for 21mn and head nurse came over and said I asked when my study was going to be again.

She said I was gurgling and turned purple and told me I def need a CPAP.

SO, any of you sleep apnea pros, please tell me what I should note as far as machines, masks and any other experience you can share.