Very Low Libido - Blood tests

  1. Very Low Libido - Blood tests

    Hi everyone, my case is below my lab tests. If anyone can help me read these i will be really grateful. This thing is has destroyed my life for the past 7 months and i just have to get to the bottom of it. I dont do steroids or take any supplements except for protein shake. I do drink on weekends and smoke too, but nothing completely over the top compared to other 26 year olds.

    PROGESTERONE 1.03NG/ML 0.11 - 0.56 *****
    OESTRADIOL II 35.00PG/ML 0 - 62
    TESTOSTERONE 22.7NMOL/L 10.4 - 36.8


    FREE T4 15.52PMOL/L 9.0 - 20.00
    T.S.H. 1.00uU/ML 0.3 - 5.0


    TOTAL PROTIEN 75G/L 62-80
    ALBUMIN 54G/L 38 - 54 *****
    ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE 190U/L(37C) 100 - 290
    ALT (GPT) 30U/L (37C) 0 - 40
    GAMMA-GT 27U/L (37C) 11 - 50
    AST (GOT) 32U/L (37C) 0 - 37

    GLUCOSE, FASTING 4.3MMOL/L 4.0 - 6.0

    Thank you for any help.

    I am a physically fit 26 year old male. 75kg, 5'11.

    I have had a pain in my testicles radiating from left to right for the past 7 months. I thought it was TC but i did 2 ultrasounds and there was no evidence of any tumors. It started mildly and continued to progressively get worse until i visited my GP. He gave me levoflaxin and i almost recovered only to get worse again. I then developed a white discharge. He gave me Zithromax and i was fine for a few weeks. The discharge and pain stopped and i regained my libido and erections.

    Now once again the pain has started and i took Zithromax again but it has not helped my problem. Ive had a swab taken from my urethrea and some inflammation was confirmed. I have done 2 ultrasounds and they both show no signs of varicoceles. Could it be that that have missed them both times? What are the chances of this? I have done tests for STDs and everything has come out negative. I did a transrectal prostatic ultrasound and everything is normal there too. The doctors are telling me its all in my head but i cannot live with this pain and complete loss of libido any longer. My penis feels almost non-existent and i am also developing balanitis from this. I have absolutely zero libido even though i have a beautiful girlfriend who i have only been seeing for a few months.

    I have also noticed that the veins on my penis are more visible, especially a long large blue one towards the upper left all the way down the shaft and another to the far right which breaks into 3 seperate veins. I am not sure but i think my testicles have lost a little bit of size but i will have to confirm this with another ultrasound. I also feel that i am losing more hair than i used to, but its difficult to tell if it is just me being paranoid or not. I think about this from the moment i wake up to the moment i go to bed. Im not sure how much longer i can go on like this. I suppose i can live with the pain. I just cant handle the fact that i have no sex drive and I'm almost completely impotent except when i take Cialis, and even then sex is nothing like it used to be.

    I also noticed the following symptoms:

    Cloudy Urine
    Extremely poor ejaculations - the sperm almost dribbles out a second after orgasm.
    Penis feels almost numb and deflated
    Severe depression
    Zero morning erections unless i take cialis
    Groin pain
    White discharge - On & off, can go weeks without any.
    More recently, i feeling of heat running down my thigh which i believe could be resulted nerve damage.

    Around four years ago i remember i had a phase which lasted about a month in which my libido crashed. I was unable to get an erection all month. I did not feel any pain.
    More recently, last year, i had a case of balanitis coupled with once again the complete loss of libido. It cleared up with canestan and my libido returned instantly. Could these be related to what i am experiencing now? Could it be my testosterone has been steadily dropping over time? I have been like this for months and it is really beginning to play with my head now.

    I have noticed that losing abdominal fat has been a slight problem for me. Even though my stomach will be flat, i found it very difficult to see my abs.

    Any advice will be appreciated.


  2. I hope your doc actually did his job and did a culture of the discharge to find out the nature of the infection if any, before prescribing antibiotics.

    Also, get a urinalysis to see if you have a bladder and/or kidney infection.

    From your blood work it looks like the high progesterone is probably the libido killer culprit. Demand that your doc do something about it.

    You also need to get a PSA to help check the health of your prostate.

    The above items are certainly not exhaustive, but do need to be checked.

    Let us know how it goes.

  3. What do you mean swab taken from urethra? I have almost all the symptoms you have plus more. I had a penis injury about 4.5 years ago. Read my thread below. did you have some accident or anything like that with your penis whether mastubating or having sex?

    I also have very low testeterone as well.

  4. I don't know how they would do it, just know if would be helpful if they knew exactly what the infection might be.

    I never had or posted anything about me having a penis injury or symptoms like yours. Got me mixed up with someone else.

  5. Dude, that high progesterone is killing your libido! You are double the range. You need to atleast double your Test levels to combat that high progesterone.

  6. sounds like a inflamed prostate. prostatis will show completely normal transrectal ultrasounds along with normal bloodwork. there is 3 different kinds of prostatitis. get on a test booster pronto like Isatest or Diesel test hardcore or something of that nature to combat your depression and help with your libido. also get on the prostate formula made by New Chapter called Prostate 5LX. Also find a high potency probiotic like New Chapters ALL fLORA. The above symptoms are what I have had since I was 24 and now I am going on 32. These products seem to really help with symptoms. I would tend to improve while on antibiotics but I can't be on them forever. Good luck if your doc doesn't get to the root of your problem then move on.


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