1. Headaches?

    i have reddish eyes and very dry eyes all time. I have dry eyes that doesnt itch. I also have headaches now. iT IS Worse in high lighting along with certain fragrances, etc..I wonder if i have bad allergies. I thought it was related to sinus but it isnt. Had ct scan. I however have dry nasal passages and dry nose etc..So wonder if this is all related to allergies. However, could this be fluctuating estrogen levels as well. I use to flush alot in face, etc..and skin was red and flushed, i changed soaps and shampoo and seems to be alot better in that regard. So maybe im sensitive to everything. If allergies show up on test, could these by symptoms. Docs dont think my eyes are related to allergies b/c they dont really itch. However, they are red in mornings, and have to be eye drops in. Tehy are very dry. Didnt know if this could some hormones drying my eyes out or just bad allergies. I dont sneeze or cough. Just headaches, eye burns and red and alot pressure behind eyes as well. Worse in lighting, as well as after i workout or during my workout they get worse? Can anyone help. I took h-drol about 2 months ago and about week after i stopped it, i got headaches and been ever since. SO wonder if this related. Like i said, they continued for a while. The headaches kind of go away with shower and also when i go tto sleep but once i wake uip and get outside,,,they start?

  2. Have you ever taken accutane?

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