TRT Options Help?

  1. TRT Options Help?

    Hi All,

    I've been lurking around here for some time and I've learned a lot from you guys.

    I was referred to a urologist after my total test levels came back low,257 ng/dL. (reference range: 280-800 ng/dL)

    He agreed that the levels were low and we discussed some trt options. Two of which were the androgel and test shots.

    It seems that he is suggesting I go the androgel route due to its easy application and "stable" levels that it provides. I know that I really do not want to go down that route due to its messy application, transference risk (i'm married) and sometimes questionable absorption rate.

    I know from reading on the forum that shots broken up 2x a week (100-200mg/wk) is best to stabilize levels but he is insisting that the shots be done biweekly and in his office.

    How do you guys persuade him to do a proper test shot protocol? and in the convenience of my home? Unfortunately switching docs is not an option as I am with an HMO.


  2. If you can't switch docs, you may be painted into a corner. I'd just be assertive with him, and say "Look, I'm a big boy, I can self-inject. Just let your nurse show me how." When you say this, do NOT get in a discussion of how many times per week. Just agree with the doc on total dosage, and anything else he says. At home you can then break it down as desired, as long as you don't exceed the doc's total dosage. I would not exceed 100mg per week to start. 200 a week especially is too much as a starting dose. Sometimes less is better than more, cause if you use too much your estradiol may get too high, as well as your hematocrit.

    You probably will not want to use the massive 21 or 23 gauge 1" or 1.5" needles they'll give you. Just accept them and keep your mouth shut. Then buy you're own. I use 25g 5/8". 5/8" is the minimum length for intra-muscular injections. Or you could read the info available on sub-q injections that use even smaller needles.

  3. stay away from androgel... too expensive for long term and inconvienent. Test cypionate is the cheapest most convienent form!

  4. Shots every 2 weeks is old school here is a link to the AACE Guildlines on page 11 it states to do shots every 7 to 10 days have him read this and get your testosterone at 200mgs/ml in a 10 ml vile. Don't start at this high dose it's crazy start with 100 mgs / wk. of 50 mg 2x's a week re test in 8 weeks if your levels are not up into the upper 1/3 of your labs range and you don't feel better up the dose 25mgs.

    Starting at 200 mgs a week is very high and most of it will convert into Estradiol taking away anygood you get from going on TRT. So do this start low work your way up and test your Estradiol and try to keep it down to about 20pg/ml higher levels kills ones libido and gives you ED problems. Most men just starting are to high and getting this down before going on TRT can up your levels some 200 to 300 points.

    I feel this following link applys to younger men also.

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