Went to Dr. to go over last weeks labs

  1. Went to Dr. to go over last weeks labs

    And found out when I got there that my Genova test came back as well (which I included in this thread).

    Spent several minutes going over both blood and Genoa Full male Hormone panel.

    1st thing he said was your tissues are not getting enough Oxygen. I am sending you for a sleep test.

    Told him I had one scheduled for 9/13. He told me to schedule 1 sooner if I could.

    Was pretty concerned that my Keto steroids were low. I think his exact words is that they looked scary. ( I believe it was Keto Steroids he was referring to).

    Said before anything else we have to adress the low oxygen issue (which we all know is most likely attributed to sever sleep Apnea as matrix/Han pointed out and which I already knew I had).

    Gave me 3 injections -B complex, Enzyme complex and Lipoic acid and says he wants me to take them every week.
    Says they are no big deal and that certainly is my problem, but is something small we can do while we address the Oxygen issue.

    Says that is biggest problem by far and needs to be addressed before anything else. He says after we address that and get retested, we can then work our way down the list of issues from largest to smallest. (which makes sense to me).

    Told me to def hit the gym (which I joined this week) and eat properly, but will have a hard time losing fat because my metabolism is so messed up.

    SO, that is where I am at and will go see him in a few weeks (also for massage/physical therapy they do there as part of everything).

    For the full 3 months prior to Genova test, I have been taking 1 tube of Testim per day. I added 1mg dived over week of Arimidex 2-3 weeks prior to test and a multivitamin.

    That's it.

    I have since switched to 200mg cyp injected divided mon-wed-friday since the test.

  2. Make sure that you ask for lymphatic massage.


    ============================== ==========================
    I have not seen them being described in that way on these boards.


    metabolites of:

    ============================== ============

    17-ketosteroids are substances that form when the body breaks down male steroid sex hormones called androgens and other hormones released by part of the adrenal gland and the testis in males

    ============================== ============

    17 Ketosteroids, Fractionated, Urine [4932X]
    page 134

    17-Ketosteroids, Fractionated, 4932X 24-Hour Urine

    Androsterone/Etiocholanolone Ratio

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