Questions about anxiety

  1. Questions about anxiety

    What causes it I have anxiety attacks (hard to breath, chest tightness, sweating, feeling of doom...had ekg, chest x ray, blood work doc says its not heart) is it hormone related?

    Can whey protein cause anxiety to get worse?

    Whey Protein Isolate Powder giving me Anxiety/Depression?? - Forums

    Can Whey protein cause anxiety owing to it's high BCAA content ? - MESO-Rx

    Most contain Msg or some form and would casein protein since it is slower digesting now have the same effect. Also most contain aspartame, but is funny that they list the compounds and not the name.

    I started taking all the whey isolate and boom insomnia and anxiety at night. I have been taking it after workout which is usually a few hours before bed. Maybe a mental trigger? It seems logical when reading some of the above, or maybe I'm just fuc*ing nuts?

  2. It's definitely possible, but I don't think it's likely. Believe me, I know what panic attcks are, and it sounds like you do too. (I get so pissed and offended when I hear someone use that term as a figure of speech.) My attacks actually decreased in frequency when I began using whey consistently. I think anxiety has more to do with your brain's frontal lobe chemistry. Serotonin, gaba, dopamine, and other neurochemicals can wreak havoc when one or more of them are out of whack.

    Have you ever been prescribed medication... SSRI, benzodiazepine, Buspar, beta-blocker, etc.?

    Btw, after making nutritional changes and learning how to meditate, I haven't had panic in almost 6 years... so there's hope, dude. You're not crazy... I think.

  3. If your whey protein has a lot of SOY in it this acts like an E marker and your body will think your Estradiol levels are high. I have been on TRT for 27 yrs had Panic Attacks for 23 of them yrs. Nothing worked until I read about high levels of Estradiol E2 in men. I tested this was high took Arimidex to get my levels down and I will be damed if my panic attacks stopped it was the Estradiol doing this and when we sleep at night this is when the levels go the highest. I would wake at 2 to 3 am on full blown Panic Attacks. Now I keep my estradiol levels down to about 20 pg/ml and I don't have panic feels anymore. I also got my night time and morning wood back after not having them for over 35 yrs. I am 65.

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