HCG Novarel Injecting Questions. Please Help.

  1. HCG Novarel Injecting Questions. Please Help.

    I just filled out my prescription for novarel and 5/16" 1/2 cc insulin syringes.

    I will be starting HCG monotherapy.

    I was told to just grab some stomach fat and insert.

    Im really confused and I need some step by step guide on how to do this.

    Im suppose to take 200 I.U Every other day.

    My questions are:

    1. When i being home the novarel does it go straight into the fridge? because i wont start injecting until ive learned all the steps.

    2. I would have to mix the Bacteriostatic water with powder novarel.?
    How can i learn how to mix it?

    How much of the Bacteriostatic water do i mix with the powder?

    Do i mix the Bacteriostatic water with the powder with a 5/16" 1/2 cc insulin syringe or does it come with a special syringe? Once i use that syringe for mixing i throw that one away? or i can use that same syringe to inject?

    Where can i get a step by step guide on how to mix properly?

    3. How how much would i feel up in the syringe if im suppose to take 200 I.U.

    4. Once i mix the Bacteriostatic water with the power, i wont have to mix it anymore right?

    5. Once its mixed i leave it in the fridge right? How long will the novarel stay fresh in my fridge? Some people tell me one month some tell me two. I believe my doctor told me 2 months.

    6. Do you know if a local doctor would be able to show me how to do this properly? or if i research online and get some info from here that would be enough?

    Would a pharmacist be able to help me out?

    7. What kind of supplies do i need? alcohol pad, those red containers to throw used syringes (Where do you get those?) Do i need anything else?

    Im not sure if i asked all the questions yet but thats all i can think of.

    Any information is greatly appreciated.


  2. Holy smokes that alot of question. Add however much BA water to it as you need. You can add 5 mL, so if you have 5000 IU's, that 1000 IU's per mL. So 40% (20 units/0.2 mL) of your 1/2 mL syringe will be 200 IU's.

    Put it in the fridge once you've added the 5 mL BA water to it; try to spray the water on to the side of the container not directly on the powder. You only mix it once, then it dissolves and is good to go.

    Google Subcutaneous Injection and there's a few videos. Very simple. Pinch the fat, insert needle straight in, inject. Swab first with alcohol pad. Pharmicist can help if you still have question.
    To be honest, 200 IU's EOD for hCG Monotherapy is too low, but that's your Dr's job and not mine

    Get the sharps container from the local pharmacy. You can also use old plastic protein tubs and tape the top when full, and they will accept it.

  3. Steveoph gave you good info on mixing etc... It's easy to inject sub q. Just grab some fat anywhere on your belly about 3 inches on either side of your belly button wipe w/alchohol and stick the needle in. It's painless for the most part. You might feel a little prick but thats it. Inject and your done.

    I do 750 E3D mono and I'm in good shape. Good Luck.

  4. i do it IM easier for me to just pin my quad

  5. Can you tell me if Novarel is used to gain size?



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