varicocele embolization Gat-Goren method

  1. varicocele embolization Gat-Goren method

    Hi to all,
    has anyone know maybe about Gat-Goren method of varicocele repair, I found some interesting news about it but it is done only in Israel.
    is there someone who went to that surgery ? what are the results ?
    what is the price of the surgery ? is it expensive ?

  2. I just found out on some web site info it cost 9,ooo usd !
    why the hell is so expensive ?!

  3. I know a couple who did that

    My wife's friends from London went through this treatment
    From what I heard they paid $ 9.000 and the woman is now pregnant

  4. I wanted to offer some payback as a thanks to this site and threads here on the Vericoele topic. Almost 2 yrs. ago my husband was diagnosed with Vericoele while we were searching for answers to our infertility problem. Turns out he had this condition but never noticed, and it affected the quality of the sperm. I did some online research and came across the Gat Goren technique mentioned on this site. We then contacted the clinic in Israel (only place where it is offered currently) and we're told we had very good chances of reversing the problem and being able to have kids. My husband flew to Israel to have the surgery. It was painless and day surgery that was done in a couple of hrs. 3 days later he was back on his feet pain free. 3 months later I got pregnant. We just celebrated our daughter's first birthday and we are so grateful to have heard about these wonderful doctors and their innovation, and to have found the solution online so quickly.
    The procedure was expensive (10K USD) but worth every dime- in particular when you consider the high costs of IVF treatments.
    In addition, the procedure is supposed to prevent any further development of V. into prostate cancer. so another bonus. If anyone is looking for a solution we highly reccomend that you go for it. If anyone needs any further info. please PM me.

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