I am having them both done at the same time. Has anyone has these done together and can give me some advice on how to prep for it.

The nurse said I could not eat anything solid the day before on Thursday and would have to wait to eat until after I'm done on Friday afternoon. This is going to be very difficult for me as I my hunger is out of control right now on a normal day, much less going a whole day without food.

What kinds of foods and drinks can I consume. I read something that said you could eat a good breakfast the day before the procedure, and then nothing solid after that. I am thinking of just eating my normal eggs and oatmeal on Thursday, but have not decided yet. My nurse said jello is good and chicken broth and sugary drinks like gatorade or pepsi. I read online that ice cream is ok. Could you please add to this list of things you can consume before the test. Due to my hunger situation, I am looking for things that could fill me up in addition to other foods/drinks.

Jello (not red)
Chicken Broth
Ice cream (not sure)
Sugary drinks

If you know of good links on preping for the endoscopy/colonoscopy tests then I would love to read them as well.

The reason I am having the tests done is to look for underlying cause of why I have low iron and am anemic. I also have alot of other levels out of range which could be caused from issues related to my stomach. The Doc I am working with is good and I feel confident that he will be able to figure out what is going on.