Okay, so here are my recent tests, with the new stuff in bold:

T4: 6.9 (4.9 - 9)
FT4: 1.01 (.58 - 1.20)
TSH .07 (.34 - 5.60)
FT3: 3.07 (ref 2.5 - 3.9)
Cortisol AM fasting: 8.7 (ref 6.7 - 22.6)
Vitamin D: 19 (ref 20 - 100)

The doctor has put me on some giant megadose of V-D for that issue.

Most of the thyroid tests look okay ... though I do wonder why the TSH is so low.

But it's the Cortisol results that are worrisome. I haven't talked to the doctor yet about what they might mean. But I think maybe the first thing for me to do is get the 4x saliva test and see what that tells me.

But in the meantime, what do you think? Thanks!

So, initial look at Cortisol suggests it's low, right? What's my next step?

Thyroid tests look okay, right, and that my meds are doing their job? To recap:

Thoughts? Suggestions?