Is it possible reverse testicular atrophy due to varicocele?

  1. Is it possible reverse testicular atrophy due to varicocele?

    First, ill explain you guys my situation.

    Im argentinian, 24 years old. About a month ago i found out i have varicocele in the left testicle. That testicle has always been smaller. But i always thought that was normal or didnt want to assume the fact that maybe something wasnt working well down there.

    To make things short. Ill give you guys my studies results...


    Testicular size

    Right: 29x19x39 mm
    Left: 27x20x39 mm

    That sound similar in size, but to me the difference is bigger.

    I have varicocele grade II

    Besides i had an hormonal test too.

    Here in Argentina we seem to use another kind of medition. Ill transcript what my tests says.

    Estradiol: 20.0 pg/ml
    Prolactin: 20.5 ng/ml
    FSH: 3.2 mUI/ml
    LH: 4.8 mUI/ml
    plasmatic testosterone: 5.41 ng/ml
    free testosterone: 26.4 picoMol/l
    biodisponible testosterone: 6.1 nmol/l

    My sperm count was normal but i present a disminution in motility and morphology.

    Hormonaly wise the endo said i was in the low normal range. And that a varicocele surgery might improve things. Surfing the web i found out things are worse than what that particular endo said. I visited him before knowing all this because i had a very mild case of gyno on my right nipple. It developed during puberty. And from those times i also carried some estrogenic fat pattern. After a cutting that seem to have improved a lot, and now, during bulking, my fat seems to be acummulating on my belly rather than my hips. In my last tests, my estradiol is very low, lower than normal actually. That isnt the case with my prolactin, but its in the normal range. My endo said itd had to be beyond 40 to cause gyno or another complication. My levels could be caused by stress of wich ive had a lot lately. So my conclusion is that during puberty i had some very high levels of estradiol or prolactin. And it caused those problems.

    Now, back again to what worries me the most.

    The Urologist said hormone levels werent related but i would get a better spem count.

    The testosterone thing surprises me. I always had and have a high libido, have had acne, im quite aggresive, motivated, very hairy all over, and for the last years i havent been deppresed at all (except a little now couse of all this ****). I only seem to have to work harder than other guys to get muscle, but thats all. If i compare myself with the majority of men i could say im quite masculine. Except for ocasional shyness wich i improved a lot over the years.

    The urologist also said that im not getting the left testicle to grow more because atrophy is only avoided during puberty, then its too late.

    Now the questions.

    -This particular urologist recommends microsurgery, but i have seen embolization recommended. Wich gives the best results?

    -What do you think about my homonal profile?

    -Is there any possibility to make that testicle works better? Ive read about some hormones that could help.

    -Regarding testosterone levels. What about hormone replacement therapy? I dont seem to have low testosterone syntoms, except for the difficuly building muscle. Would you recommend it?

  2. Hey, just wondering if you ever got any answers here. also, wondering if you went with the surgery or what... Hope all works out well.

  3. my embolization worked at first but then varicocele came back! I'd go with microsurgery.

    hcg has increased testicle size (but still not full size on varicocele side). even with varicocele, hcg brought my T levels up to 1400 ng/dl... I reduced the dose and now keep it at 800-900 ng/dl using 200iu EOD

  4. WHht dd you do LeanGuy - did you get surgery?

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