Formestane with TRT/HRT?

  1. Formestane with TRT/HRT?

    Let me first say, Im aware of forum protocol, and I realize that formestane may certainly fall outside of the normal parameters for this part of the board, which I have the utmost respect for, so having said that, I would appreciate the absence of any comments about wrong forum, or any advice on posting this question somewhere else.

    Phew, having said that mouthful, my question is for anyone that has been on trt for a while or one of the more knowledgeable regular posters here in this section. Have you ever considered, thought about experimenting with, or actually tried to incorporate any previously or currently available formestane products into your trt regimen, and if so, what where the hypothetical, anecdotal or actual results that were seen, not seen or expected to be seen when considering experimentation.

    Thanks for any replys.
    PHF Rep

  2. In its advertising Formex (formestane) by IBE mention that this can be taken by guys on trt .Iknow i have high estrogen as a result of testosterone injections for trt but here in the UK doctors dont seem concerned. I have taken steps to reduce it by taking 6 bromo also an AI but unfortunately i cannot get a blood test to see if my e levels have reduced by taking this, unless i went to a private endocronoligist

  3. Thanks for the reply. Anybody else have any thoughts? I was counting on you guys for some input, I vaguely remember reading swole chiming in about form on another forum, but I cant recall his opinions.
    PHF Rep

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