Dr's on examine 20% of thyroid function

  1. Dr's on examine 20% of thyroid function

    Once the t-3 goes into the mitochondrion does there have to be proper functioning of the mitochondrion to care out the thyroid signaling from t3. One needs t3 to make the cellular energy work, but if the cellular is not up to optimal capacity then one would not get the desired from thyroid hormone. When you are referring to thyroid signaling are you referring to it on a receptor level or deeper with in the energy systems. If a person had a mitochondrial imbalance and t-3 was given with no response could make Dr think by giving more is going to resolve the issue when the real problem is at the cellular level? Dr's needs to look at giving substrates to help to support mitochondrial function such as ubquinol, acetly carnitine, citrates, iron to help make the ATP. In studies I have come across people with low thyroid hormones are also low in co-enzyme Q10 and iron, b-12. If these are low these could it affect the cellular signaling of the thyroid medicine.

    So to summarize thyroid start to finish
    1. Thyroid Absorption in to the blood
    2. Thyroid conversion t-4 to t3
    3. Thyroid receptor activation
    4. Thyroid cellular signaling to make ATP.
    5. Ability for mitochondrion to respond to increase thyroid demands.

    So when a person that actually goes to see a traditional thyroid dr they are only looking at really 15-20% of the equation and leaving out the other 80-85%. These drs are totally ignoring the factors are what are effecting each one of these stages. This will explain why thyroid issues are missed 80-85% of the time. When I have time I will sit down and break each one of these down with what factors are affecting them. It should make a good sticky as well.
    I am not a medical Dr, please keep in mind that this answer is for information purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace sound medical advice from your physician or health care provider.

  2. Very interesting stuff Matrix! I've been on Co-Q10 for several months now, as well as high potency B-Complex. Recently added methyl form of B-12. My iron levels checked out ok.

    I suspect my borderline low thyroid is due to zinc being 72 on a scale from 70-150, even though I've been taking 30-50mg per day for several months, in addition to eating a high zinc diet. My thyroid is possibly thinking my body is starving, which is why my Reverse T3 is in the upper 3rd of the range. Could be because of low carb diet to control my type II diabetes. I'll try to remember to take more coconut oil to up my calories to keep my thyroid from worrying about starvation, even though I've not been losing weight. Or maybe for some reason it's just hard for my body to absorb zinc, maybe some gut issues?

    My zinc could be low to my elevated E2 causing copper to be dominate. Just now starting taking 400mg 99% Resveratrol to help control the E2, as I suspect it is going even higher now being on TRT for only 3 weeks, but already it's getting more difficult to pee. Prostate may be growing because of the high E2.

    Anyway, sorry for too much info on a thread about thyroid, but I guess everything usually affects everything else. :-)



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