HI everybody i was hoping someone with hrt/trt knowledge or experience could help me out. due to malnutrition and extreme lack of sleep due to school and graveyard shifts i dropped down to 82 lbs i didnt notice my weight was dropping so rapidly at all because it was work then school then sleep 4 hrs and do it again with one day off a week . MY strength kept dropping and i figured i was just tired but really i was in some state of delusion. anyways i ended up checking myself into a hospital well being weelchaired in because by that time i had absolutely no muscle not even enough to step up a curb on my own, i couldnt even lift my body up from my bed to eat i had to have a nurse come in and help me up. but neway long story short ive been gaining and my t levels are still very low. im seeing an endo and have been blood tested 10 times in teh last three months to get my insurance to see i need medication. well my endo wants to put me on either test cyp or androgel for life. i dont want either personally becuase i am pretty sure i just need my hpta restarted and then ill start producing enough regularly on my own. my first couple of blood labs were <20ng/ml of total test, so basically nothing at all, then i started taking activate extreme and stoked and it jumped up to 83ng/ml . i have no idea what it is now but i see my endo again on next wednesday and he said we will discuss treatment then. now to my question could androgel or test shots be substituted for HCG to bring everything back into normal range and then take clomid afterwards? or What alternatives do i have to jumpstart natural production? any advice/ input would be very much appreciated, being 19 i shouldnt have to deal with this sh!t but i want it fixed because all the negative sides are apparent with this low of T. if anyone has any questions feel free to ask.