1. HairMax Laser Comb

2. Nioxin System 6 / Revita Combo EOD for both (My logic here is that the keto in Revita and Acids in Nioxin with all the other nutritients in both will help in halting hairloss while providing an itchless scalp and hair that actually smells good.)

2% keto in my opinion is just overkill and leaves more of the possibility of your hair drying out (if its working for you then thats great! but i didnt want to take the risk starting out)

3. Investing in TGF-Beta Inhibiting Products - in short i found this excerpt
Procyanidin B-2, L-Taurine, and Tumeric blocks the production of TGF Beta, which is a degraded form of DHT. TGF Beta causes the hair follice to shrink and the hair to fall out. TGF Beta is not needed in sexual function.


which explains the intial regimen im shooting for. My only problem is that I'm looking for a good supplement to take that can reduce estrogen levels instead of trying to eat a bunch of foods. Can anyone help me here? I don't want to completely erradicated estrogen/DHT from my body and am just looking for a solid regimen.

Also I havent thrown finasteride out of the equation just yet, i'm just worried my T might be too low and ill suffer from side effects.