Do you know this stuff? I saw a video about it and it looks fascinating that you can find out what hormonal problems a person has simply by measuring fat folds on the body.
But what I ask myself: Even if this method works and these fat fold tests can show you which hormones a person lacks and you can save a blood test then you only know what's wrong with you.
But how do they want to fix this? I also know that a few things are wrong with my (low T) and to figure out these things you don't have to be a rocket scientists cause I have ridiculously low muscle mass while at the same time being skinny fat and storing fat on the same places which women do.
The endocrinologists over here suck and they are not help but do you think that somebody who knows this biosignature stuff from Poliquin could help me?
But how? I don't really understand how it should be possible to get the hormone production in check without injecting hormones.