difference between small testicles and big testicles

  1. difference between small testicles and big testicles

    How do one feel when one have smaller testicles and bigger testicles. Especially regarding arousal, erection, while performing sex or frequeency of doing it.

  2. I'm 61, & mine have shrunk due to long term TRT. As long as I take cialis once every few days (which can be had pretty cheap in quantity on the black-market) I haven't had any problem at all with arousal or erections - it just takes longer to climax, and there isn't as much semen. I actually prefer it that way, because I don't have worry like I did when I was younger about 'spilling the beans' too quick - & I can f ' all night if I want. Also, I sometimes can't reach orgasm - which actually tends to be a bigger issue for some women than small balls, but if you don't worry about that, intercourse is as fantastic as ever or even better anyway. But it's probably not the same with everyone.

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