Hi all. I just received the results of a recent blood test and here they are:

Testosterone: 529
Free Testosterone: 23.3
PSA 1.1

I'm taking several different supplements to help with my low test level:

Horny Goat Weed, Long Jack 100, Reversitol, Divanex (stinging nettle root), Prime and I'm about to start 6-OXO.

In any event... I'm turning 38 in September.. Off testosterone, my sex drive is too low. I was taking cypionate and hcg until a couple of months ago - and I felt great at first - but I'm guessing my estrogen rose too much and I started losing the great feeling. I mentioned this to my doctor today - and he said my numbers are normal. Is 529 and 23.3 actually okay? I mean - is it just me? Or do my numbers need to be higher to feel the way I should (or need to feel).

Thanks in advance...